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About At-Home Teeth Whitening

A bright and beautiful smile is a confidence builder. MINT dentistry in Lake Worth, TX knows that many people desire a better-looking smile, which is why we help hundreds of patients each year with home teeth whitening kits. While you can find many over-the-counter options for teeth whitening, they have limited strength and typically produce disappointing results. MINT dentistry's dental professionals help you to get the sexy teeth you want with a customized home whitening kit. We will build your home whitening kit with custom mouth trays and professional whitening gel, which will be replenished during your future appointments. MINT dentistry believes all of our patients should have a bright, beautiful smile and we look forward to helping you achieve one using a custom teeth whitening kit you can use at home.

Best Candidates

To improve your smile at your convenience in the comfort of your home, the professionals at MINT dentistry offer personalized whitening kits. Your teeth may look dull or have stains from years of dark foods and drinks. Often, our patients have used over-the-counter whitening products but found them ineffective, damaging, or uncomfortable. At MINT dentistry, the strength of the whitening solution is customized to match your needs so it is a great option if you have tooth sensitivity. Plus, your dental trays will be made custom in our office so they fit comfortably. Your at-home teeth whitening kit can be used either by itself or to boost the results of a professional laser whitening procedure in our office to achieve your desired results.

What to Expect

Every home whitening kit is made to match your goals by a member of the MINT dentistry team. Before creating your personalized whitening plan, we will conduct an oral exam to ensure optimal health and then choose the best whitening strength and formula. Your exam will be performed in one of our well-appointed procedure rooms where you will feel extremely comfortable as you relax in our treatment chair. While wearing special MINT sunglasses, a board-certified dentist will gently and diligently examine your teeth and gums to ensure you are a candidate for home teeth whitening. After your examination, we will explain the treatments suggested.

Treatment Aftercare

What results you get will vary based on the strength of the whitening solution, the starting shade of your teeth, and how frequently you apply your whitening treatments. As soon as you reach your goal, you can switch to occasional maintenance treatments. To keep your teeth gorgeous and white for a long time, you should maintain a good oral hygiene routine and make lifestyle changes, like avoiding tobacco products, plus dark foods and drinks. In addition, you should schedule biannual cleanings at MINT dentistry where stains can be polished away and if needed, we can give you more whitening gel. You should keep your trays clean and store them in a safe place so they last a long time. Ask us to get more tips that will keep your smile bright.

The MINT Commitment

Generally, at-home teeth whitening kits are not covered by dental insurance. We at MINT dentistry are committed to helping our patients achieve the dazzling smile they want. MINT dentistry provides complimentary at-home whitening treatments to patients when they attend their biannual cleanings. If you are interested in learning more about MINT dentistry's complimentary home teeth whitening kits, make an appointment at our office in Lake Worth, TX.

A Bright, White Smile

With custom whitening treatments from MINT dentistry, you can easily get a bright, confident smile. Combining professional-strength whitening products and a unique treatment plan, your whitening kit will be made by our team to fit your needs and goals. For more information about home teeth whitening treatments, contact MINT dentistry in Lake Worth, TX.

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